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2022 National Gathering Volunteer Opportunities
Greetings 4th Day Community!

The Texas Lutheran, Texas Gulf Coast, North Texas, and Arkansas/Oklahoma Secretariats from our Region 3 of the National Via de Cristo organization are excited to join together to host the 2022 National Lutheran Secretariat Annual Gathering (NLSAG). The NLSAG will be at Texas Lutheran University (TLU) July 21-24, 2022. This national gathering is expected to bring in approximately 200+ 4th day members from around the country to worship, hear speakers, share ideas and designated delegates from the various secretariats will be voting on official business during the business meeting part of the event. The theme for the weekend is John 13:35 “By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, that you love one another.” (NIV)

There are many opportunities for our 4th day community to serve during this gathering. We would love for you to consider coming for the entire gathering, but we also realize we need many people to help as volunteers, and some of you may only be able to work 1 day, or a couple days. Fee to attend the entire event from Thursday – Sunday is $240. (Wednesday – Sunday is $275) Fees for the volunteer host team will be managed according to what nights, if any, you spend the night on campus, which days you eat meals with the gathering, plus a campus/general event daily participant fee. This will come out to approximately $70 day if you spend the night and eat. There is also opportunity for you to help on multiple support teams. Team members will wear different shirts from the participants, so you’ll want to also purchase the team shirts for $9.00 each. Some serving the entire event are planning to order multiple shirts, so they don’t have to worry about washing them during the event.

A single volunteer can fill more than one non-chair position on site. For example: an airport driver on Wednesday may serve as a reporter on Thursday, help with Hospitality on Friday and back to the airport on Sunday. Just make sure the team leaders know how and when you are available to assist. They will each be creating a schedule of their team that helps during the weekend. You could join several teams and still also enjoy attending many of the regular gathering activities.


Please know that this too is God’s weekend and as we honor God with our sincere efforts, He will bless us as well as all attendees. There are descriptions below of the various teams to explain that it is very important that many of you consider volunteering your time at some point during the weekend. Please let us know where you would like to serve by contacting the leads listed below by phone, email, or submitting via the various survey monkey team surveys. The leads will then contact you for logistics and scheduling.


Chapel / Worship Team – NLSAG Lead - Donna Blalock 830-660-8286 –

Gulf Coast Lead – Martha Steele 713 382-8157

North Texas Lead – Sharon Dobbs 817 988-6302

Texas Lead – Donna Blalock 830 660-8286 -


In addition to the main lead, a lead from each of North Texas and Gulf Coast will be needed to secure volunteers for their assigned responsible services.

During the event, there are 7 worship services. 1 Communion service on Thursday afternoon and an evening service, 1 morning Communion service and 1 evening service on each Friday & Saturday, and Closing Worship on Sunday morning. The Gulf Coast Secretariat is responsible for Worship on Thursday & Closing Worship on Sunday; North Texas Secretariat is responsible for Friday's Communion Worship right after breakfast and closing worship; and Texas Secretariat is responsible for Saturday's 2 services.

Each communion service daily will need about 16 people (Pastors or Lay) to be servers, ushers, readers, etc. in addition to our musicians and Pastor who will deliver the message. Plus we will need 2 people to set up the altar area and prepare the communion to be ready for the service. Most of that 14 will only be needed for about 1 - 1.5 hours for that specific service. The evening services will be managed with just the Lead Pastor(s) & musicians and readers unless anything special is planned, TBD.


Dining Room Team - Lead - Sandy Ordner 979-224-5466

4 to 6 at meal times to assist with greeting, serving and busing tables in the dining area. On Saturday evening we will be providing an Agape dinner with our entire volunteer team dressing in black pants and white shirts, black bow ties or rainbow suspenders. We will eat before the others and act as servers during the meal. We will serenade them as they come into the building and then at the end as well. We would encourage many of our 4th day folks to plan on being here for Saturday’s events and to participate in the Agape meal.

Facilities / Physical Arrangements - Lead - Greg Hefner 214-394-1368

This team is responsible to ensure all conference and breakout rooms being used are set up the way they are needed, and instructional/directional signs are created and placed as needed around campus. This team will need several people each day during the event beginning on Wednesday.

Hospitality - Lead - Cindy Perkins 918-688-6073

  1. Wednesday & Thursday, will need 4-6 persons to help with luggage at registration (the dorms have 1st & 2nd floors and no elevators). Includes 1-2 persons at curb to greet arrivals and help get luggage out, 1-2 to help with 1st floor luggage to rooms and 2-3 who can help with 2nd floor luggage to rooms

  2. 3 to 4 Main site, high traffic areas to serve refreshments in shifts throughout each day (TH-SAT) – We will be set up in the student union and maybe other places during the day. We will need people to be sure there is plenty of water and the ice chests have plenty of ice in them

  3. 3 to 4 more to serve as guides between scheduled activities – we will be moving from building to building and we need guides to point the way. If you want to attend the sessions this would be a great place to attend and sit at back of room to be first out to be able to give directions

  4. 2 to 4 to serve coffee for early risers and snacks for evening events (WED – SUN). We will be set up in two dorms so for the early risers it would be great to have you start coffee and set out snacks for those who need coffee first thing and something to take medications with.

  5. We will be doing a hospitality each night (Thurs - Saturday) after evening worship at the student union. Thursday night will be Sweet & Salty, Friday night will be a Fiesta and Saturday night an Ice cream social with games and fun each night. This is still in the works so it may change but all who help during the day are welcome to come help us each night.


Housing / Registration - Lead - Janet Crouch – 254-482-0614

6-8 volunteers needed for this team. Volunteers are needed beginning on Wednesday since many attendees will arrive on Wednesday. This team will be responsible for check in and check out, providing room keys and other materials to be distributed to the attendees upon arrival. Some of the team will need to be available for late night and early arrivals. Help may also be needed to provide directions and help with luggage.

Office(s) Communications and Newsletter - Lead - Heather Muga – 817-710-9396


This is considered the communications hub where anyone can come to request supplies, copies, maps of the facility, and general information - responsible to run the office and have it staffed Wed – Sun with 2 to 4 people.


  • This team will be responsible for generating copies as needed during the event. (bulk of copying will
    be done prior to the event)

  • Others will be “go-furs” as needed for miscellaneous needs.

  • 4 to 6 Newsletter Reporters and / or photographers will take notes for the keynote, other special speakers and activities that the NLS Newsletter Editor wants to add to the daily news. They will turn in their reports and pictures to the office or the newsletter editor – laptops will be available for the reporters to type their notes.


Music – NLSAG Lead Martha Steele – 713-382-8157

Gulf Coast Lead - Tracy Baker – 713-516-8017

North Texas Lead - Bill Harris – 469-607-8888

Texas Lead - Donna Blalock – 830-660-8286

The musicians will lead music mostly for the worship services, but may be asked to provide music adhoc as needed. The leads must ensure that CCLI laws are adhered to. The music teams will work with their SD to create meaningful worship services. Gulf Coast is responsible for Thursday & Sunday, North Texas responsible for Friday and Texas is responsible for Saturday.

Anyone who is a musician who is willing and able to bring their instrument and attend the pre-gathering
practices, designated by your Secretariat music lead, is welcome to join your secretariat team in addition to serving in other areas. The music leads will coordinate together to ensure the songs are added to our Gathering materials in advance of the weekend.


Palanca – Lead – Judy Frappier 936-443-0678 & Kent Frappier – 936-443-1719

This team will be on site to sort and distribute gifts of love as well as hang secretariat and NLS banners. 4-6 team members are needed at various times. The team will also set up and coordinate the area where gathering  articipants will sign Palanca to send back with the Secretariats for their weekends.


This team also is responsible to coordinate a Prayer Vigil during the weekend for team inside and or
outside the weekend to hold the gathering in prayer and pray for the miscellaneous prayer requests that are collected during the event.


Technology - Audio/Visual Equipment – Lead – Bill Roser – 210-837-1962

This team will assist with equipment glitches, power points, software issues, the copiers and printers, etc.
1 or 2 persons at all times to help with worship, business meetings and forums for sound systems / Audio Visual / microphones, etc. 1 or 2 Videographer(s) to record the keynote speaker, worship messages, forums or any other item the NLSEC wishes to have recorded.


Transportation – Lead - Marilyn Potter – 469-520-3725

Transportation is responsible for assisting participants at the annual gathering get to and from the airport before and after the event. San Antonio and Austin airports will both be used. Volunteers are also needed to greet incoming passengers at the airports and signal drivers that their passengers are ready to be picked up. The Airport greeters will be needed on Wednesday and Thursday to sit with a partner for 3 to 4 hour shifts. We will not know until after registration is ended how many will be needed for each airport. Airport shuttle drivers may be asked to make 2 or 3 pick-ups per day. Most airport shuttle drivers will be needed on Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday. During the event, transportation is responsible for driving golf carts from building to building for anyone with mobility issues. Golf cart drivers will be needed Thursday, Friday and Saturday. To enable volunteers to enjoy the annual gathering as well as provide a service we are hoping to have 20 or more volunteers to assist with transportation.

De Colores!

Via de Cristo National 2022 Steering Committee

Suzanne & Larry Bathe Co-Chairman 281-798-4062


Debbie & Gary Klatt Co-Chairman 210-204-3709

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