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100 Weekends of Grace Celebration

De Colores!  Thanks to the great teamwork of the planning committee, we had over 120 Fourth Day participants at our 100 Weekends of Grace celebration on November 11th, 2017.  We had participants from Weekends 1 to 100, and those who traveled from Arkansas and Minnesota to join us! 


The musicians and their music and the kindling and rekindling of friendships, wrapped us in memories of our Via de Cristo.  Don Holmes provided a rotating slideshow of group photos from past weekends, bringing back memories of the 1700 +/- people who have made their weekend with us (See more information on this and Don's slideshow on the Weekend Group Photos/Rosters page). 


We enjoyed a variety of potluck dishes provided by attendees and the especially delicious brisket prepared by the Calvary Mens Cooking Team.  We elected new members to the Secretariat and honored those from our community who have passed away and all of our military veterans. 


We celebrated our Spiritual Directors with certificates and a group picture.  We wrapped up the day with a moving worship service and heard 4th Day talks from Dan Bobst (via email), Janet Thorp, Rev. Phil Heinze, Mike Mayo and Georgia Carmody. 


Vern Steinman documented the event pictorially with over 200 wonderful photos of those in attendance. (You can view Vern's photos in the YouTube slideshow below.) 


If you missed this event, we have upcoming opportunities for you to strengthen your walk with the Lord and rediscover and recommit to your Fourth Day.  Visit the Events page for more details.​​​


The slideshow below is a compilation of 209 photos taken by Vern Steinman (VdC 84) at the 100 Weekends of Grace celebration event. Be sure to view this in full screen mode to get the full effect.

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