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Ways You Can give

Did you know it costs about $25,000 each year to operate Lutheran Via de Cristo of North Texas (LVDCNT)? So how does that get paid for? The ELCA? No. Your church? We received $990 from churches in 2018, so we could answer "yes" to "your church", but nearly all of LVDCNT's income comes from you-the Fourth Day.

The most common opportunities to give to LVDCNT are:

  • Sponsor a participant. The current registration cost to attend a Weekend is $190 per participant.  We currently offer grace weekends, so participants do not pay their registration fees. However, sponsors are expected to cover the registration fee.  We encourage sponsors to give what they can towards the fee, and if necessary solicit help from others in your Ultreya or in the Fourth Day to cover the remainder. If you are still short of covering the full fee, please contact the Secretariat at: and we will find a way to cover the balance of the Fee.

  • Give an offering at any Weekend Clausura (closing worship service).  This can be done in person or via the means discussed below.

  • Give an offering at Grand Ultreyas.  This can also be done in person or via the means discussed below.

  • Give a gift at any time.

So how can you give?  There are four primary ways to give

1. In person at a Weekend Clausura (closing worship service) or Grand Ultreya

2. If you are sponsoring a participant, send a check along with the registration paperwork to the Registrar (currently Sharon Bartells). Checks for other offerings or gifts can be sent to the Treasurer, Don Holmes, at 7332 Strawberry Way, Fort Worth, TX 76137. All checks should be made out to "LVDCNT".

3. I hope the easiest way for you to give is to give electronically via our website. The DONATE tab turns orange when you click on it and is at the top of every webpage (or bottom if you are on a mobile device).  We currently use PayPal to collect the donations. The electronic process is very straight forward, but if you have any questions call Don Holmes at (817) 933-8946.

4. A new way to donate is through We have a preferred customer account because of our association with the NTNL Synod of the ELCA. This means if you use Visa or Mastercard, the fee is 2.3% with $0.25 per transaction. If the donor chooses to donate directly from a checking account, the fee is only 0.5% + $0.25 per transaction. Donors can donate to any of the following categories: General Fund, Participant, Staff, Love Team, 4th Day, Clausura, or Grand Ultreya. has made some changes to their website. Please follow the below instructions in order to donate. 


    Once you navigate to the website and login you have to search for a church, in our case, Lutheran Via de Cristo of North Texas. You press the "Give Now" button. Next, put in an amount, but the selectors for how you want to pay are under the give button. Lastly, you then scroll down and select "Card" or "Checking Account" and then put in your information. If you have any questions, call Don Holmes at (817) 933-8946.


If you are a member of Thrivent, you can also give through Thrivent Choice Dollars or Thrivent Action Teams. Check out our Thrivent page for more information.


As you can see there are many different ways that you can give to LVDCNT. Please consider us as one of your tax deductible donation choices. Thank you in advance for your generosity and --Ultreya!

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